I offer case studies and hands-on support with commercial activities related to the offshore construction industry. From first business analysis to contract signing, and beyond.

During 35 years of experience in market analyses, business development and hard-core tender work in the oil and gas sector and, since 2009, in the wind energy industry Bert has developed a unique set of skills, knowledge and a network of value.

As a civil engineer, working mainly for Heerema, Bert travelled the world and gained a wider view of the offshore industry and it’s very varied local needs. His sociology degree (MSc ‘07) may have been the spark in his interest and research into specifics and local customs.

The combination of all this experience brings with it real benefits for: analysing your case; supporting your company in growing a specific business; help in optimizing the potential of a complex tender exercise, or debugging an execution issue.


It is peculiar how the wind industry, originally launched to address independency, depletion and emissions, now encounters only one issue: Cost.
This is food for thought.